Express Manicure $23
File, buff, push back cuticles, nip and your choice of nail polish
Express French Manicure  $28
Spa Manicure $32
Includes masque with hot towels and massage on the hand and arm
French Spa Manicure $37
Men’s Manicure $20
File, buff, push back cuticles, nip
Gel Manicure 1st time $35
Great for vacations and just for everyday. For the natural nails. Can last up to 10-14 days
Gel Manicure soak off $40
Gel polish soaked off and then reapplied.   Allow 1 hour
Soak Off Gel with Manicure    $10
Soak off gel with just a manicure
Add Gel Polish to ANY manicure $15
Gel Polish (Polish Only)  $20
French polish add on  $5
with polish or gel polish
The following services can be add to any service just for an additional $15
Add on Foot Reflexology, Soothing Eye Treatment, Hand & Arm Treatment or Scalp Treatment with Hot Towels.
A specialized pressure point treatment for the feet, releasing tension and
stress while relaxing the entire body
Paraffin Dip $15
Hand & Arm Treatment $15
Soothe dry tired hands & drench your skin in moisture. Includes a sugar scrub exfolation masque with hot towels, hand and arm massage.
Soothing moist towel wrap for your head and neck.
Express Pedicure $30
For the toes on the go. Soak, file, push back cuticle nip and color of your choice.  Allow 30 Min
Classic Pedicure $40
Includes soak, file, push back cuticles, nip, buffing on the bottoms of feet, lotion and polish of your choice.
Men’s Pedicure $45
Includes soak, file, buff, push back curticles, nip, buffing on the bottoms of the feet, massage on the legs and feet.
Spa Pedicure $55
Includes soak, file, buff, push back cuticles, nip, buffing on the bottoms of feet, masque with hot towels, massage on the feet and legs with polish of your choice.  Allow 1 hour (Most popular)
Hot Stone Pedicure $60
Using Hot Stone techniques to massaging the legs and feet with masque and hot towels included. Allow 1 hour
Wake Me When it’s Over $85
Includes feet and legs massage, hand and arm massage. Allow 75 mins


Ionic Detox Foot Spa $39
The Ion Cleanse provides a simple and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins and help balance the PH of the body. It is as simple as soaking your feet and watching the toxins come into the water from the bottoms of your feet. It only takes 40 Minutes. See, Feel and experience toxins removed out of every cell of your body by ion exchange. The wastes are eliminated as the blood passes through the feet. Feel better than you have felt in a long time by reducing your body’s toxic load.